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Things to do in Bristol

Posted March 17, 2017 by admin

Bristol is considered as the largest city of England. It is the city beside the River Avon in the southwest of England. Because of its beauty, it has become the famous place for tourists and the most visited city of United Kingdom. If someone plans a trip to Bristol, there are things mentioned below about how to explore the city.

Head down to Harbour:

Bristol’s port and harbour is the most dominant trading place in England. So, everyone wants to visit this famous place. There are many hotels around this harbour which increases its beauty even more as people enjoy the amazing scenes by sitting in the hotels. Tourists can take a ferry around and feel themselves for what it is famous for.

Visit the local landmark:

Your visit would be incomplete without going to this breathtaking symbol of the city. The Clifton suspension bridge is the most famous bridge in the world. It is attractive because of its beauty and the excellent engineering. You can take an hour guided tour of the bridge at any time by hiring Bristol taxi and see the bridge lighting if visiting at night.

Feed some exotic animals:

Another attraction is might be the fifth oldest zoo in the world. But, it is the perfect place to surprise your children. Wildlife is saved here through science research, working to protect species, educating tomorrow’s wildlife and giving families a great day out. This helped species from vanishing and showed millions of children the value of nature. Children can come near to gorilla family, monkeys, lions and much more. Tourists can easily get there by using public transport like Bristol taxis, as there are many offers available for guests.

Bristol aquarium, another worth visiting place is located near down the harbour. Thousands of fishes and amphibians are placed in specially created habitats. Visitors are allowed to pop their head into the bubble window and get close to the marine creature without getting wet.

Shopping in Bristol:

Almost everyone’s visit is incomplete without shopping when the place you are visiting is famous for its shopping malls. So, there are up to 500 shops ranging from luxury name to local shops within the shopping quarter. Its Clifton arcade is a local shop famous for selling vintage clothing, jewelry and antiques.

Take a boat, taxi tour:

Bristol ferry boat will take you into the harbour and drop you for a while at some attractive places floating on harbour like Aquarium.

You can also take a whole tour to all famous places by simply hiring any cheap Bristol taxi and enjoy the scenes around.

These are few things one should do if visiting Bristol. Along this you can also visit the strokes croft area which is the home of art and paintings, the restaurants which has the variety of cuisines of every country and the balloon fiesta, the event when the sky of city fill with colorful balloons. So, it’s not wrong to call this city a tourist place and these are the reasons why it is considered as the most visited place.

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